Sinclair Green Card

Centennial Green Card

Proprietary Charge Card

Save instantly at the pump when you pay with a Sinclair Green Card, the hassle-free way to organize your fuel costs, accepted at over 1,400 Sinclair locations across the country.

  • Save on every gallon at participating locations
  • Instant savings – no waiting for rebates
  • Use it for any Sinclair purchase
  • Issued and serviced by Sinclair (you never have to deal with a bank or an offshore call center)
  • No revolving line of credit (no interest – you pay your balance in full each month)

Apply for your Sinclair Green Card

Pay your Sinclair Green Card

If your Sinclair Green Card is lost or stolen, please call (800) 325-3265.

Download the DINOPAY® App

Pay at the pump with your phone at participating locations.

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Get a Sinclair Gift Card

Great for carpools, college students and DINO collectors.

Sinclair Gift Card

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Looking for a commercial credit card?

Discover Sinclair's Fleet Track Program.

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